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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding our traffic exchange services? Below are some of the more common questions that are asked by our members, If you feel your question is not answered here please contact us.

  • Q. What are the Basic Terms and Conditions
    • Your site(s) do load in 10 seconds or under
    • Your site(s) MAY contain 1 pop up window
    • You May use rotators and ptp (Dont Break Frames)
    • Your site(s) MAY contain 1 alert message boxe
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain any hidden Iframes
    • Your site(s) do NOT contain inappropriate content
    • Your site(s) MAY contain any CPM Ads (Don't Break Frames)
    • Your site(s) do NOT break out of the surf frame
    • Your account will become inactive if not used for 60 days
    • Your account will be Deleted if not used for 180 days
    • Your account will be Deleted if it causes our traffic exchange system any problems
    • You are NOT allowed to have more than one(1) account
    • Im Very Easy Going I Want You To Earn Money Here So Use What Ever Earns You Money Just Dont Add Timer Stoppers AKA Laggy Pages,XXX & Also Frame Brakers. 1 Popup is allowed but it's prefered if you dont please. we do have to consider the coop this shows in many sites all over the internet and this could affect your ability to have your site listed

  • Q. How Can I Earn Website Traffic (credits)
      Their are many ways our members can earn website traffic.

    • When You first join you will receive 500 Bonus traffic exchange credits.
    • Surf and earn 1 credit for every 2 pages you view (2:1 Surf Ratio).
    • Earn bonus traffic exchange credits as you surf.
    • Click for credits via PTC and earn a minimum of 2 credits per click.
    • Earn Credits for every 24 hour unique hit to your referral link.
    • For every new member you refer you will receive 500 traffic exchange credits.

  • Q. I Have Not Received My Account Activation email
      Account activation links are sent to the email address you supplied during the sing-up process.

    • Check to make sure the activation email did not accidentally find its way into your junk email folder.
    • Add our domain to your trusted sender list.
    • Click here to Resend your account Activation Link.
    • Still having trouble? Contact Us

  • Q. Why Has My Web site Been Suspended
      If You find that Your site has been suspended from it is because
      Your site was either reported by another traffic exchange member or the site
      admin checked Your website and it was found to be in violation of our
      Terms and Conditions. Please read the above basic terms and conditions
      for full details click here.
    • Members who report sites that are found to be in violation of our
      Terms and Conditions will receive 500 bonus traffic exchange credits.
    • Cheaters or repeat site offenders may have their account deleted
      immediately and with out warning. Forfeiting any and all Cash, Credits,
      Commissions and Referrals associated with their account.

  • Q. Can I Earn Cash From Surfing
    Yes, Simply surf 1000 sites in a single session and click the displayed link to earn $0.02
    (can be claimed Unlimited times).

  • Q. Still Looking For An Answer To Your Questions

    If you feel that your question was not answered here please feel free to contact us
    and a representative will address any questions or concerns you may have.
    Contact Us

  • Q. Do We Have A Co-op?
    Yes we have a Co-op here, free members can earn 1.5 credits for showing the coop url in other traffic exchanges and advertising sites.

    Upgraded members however can earn 1.5 credits doing the same but also get their sites shown in the coop.

    The coop only cost 1 credit to be viewed offsite.

    Any upgrade will get you access to the coop for the duration of the upgrade.

    Right now the coop is showing from my personal efforts alone in just over 30+ manual traffic exchanges and mailers JVtext ad sites Etc..

    Our members have further extended this to many many more sites. but for the sake of this i can guarantee you will be shown in the top 30+ TE's and Mailers.

    We have a Autosurf site that has a Coop so please use that if you surf auto and want to join a coop. our auto coop over at will show your site in manual and auto surfs. It is set up much the same with the slight difference of you can earn 2.5 credits per unique. join Autoviewz auto surf and Coop