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Funneled Affiliate Traffic Exchange

We Like To Call It FATE - Funneled Affiliate Traffic Exchange & By FATE Your Here And Your Website Traffic Troubles Are Over!

When Only Quality Web Site Traffic Will Do, See Funneled Affiliate.

Drive Real Traffic To Your URL's

Our Manual Website Traffic System has been designed for affiliates, online marketer's and web site owners that have web sites to promote. Our system will deliver traffic to your web sites as long as they have credits allocated to them. Members need to view other members sites in-order to earn credits to advertise their own sites or join our coop & some splash pages also generate credits for Members.

With a manual surf timer of no less than 12 seconds for free members you can rest assured that our surfers have enough time to view your sites before deciding to either continue to view your site or continue onto the next site. Register Your Funneled Affiliate Manual Surf Account Today and start getting traffic from Real Web Site Visitors

Earn Commissions

Every Funneled Affiliate member has the opportunity to earn commissions on any of their direct down-lines purchases. Simply refer new members to Funneled Affiliate, if any of your direct down line makes a purchase you will earn a percentage of the sale price.

Free Account Overview

  •   Manual Surf With A Stable Modern Surf Bar.
  •   Fast 12 Second Manual Surf Timer.
  •   Surf & Earn 2:1 ratio per page view.
  •   250 Manual Surf Credits On Account Activation.
  •   100 Purchase Points On Account Activation.
  •   Earn 250 Bonus Credits For Every Referral.
  •   Earn $0.01 For Every 501 pages surfed.
  •   Earn 10% Commission On Direct Down Line Purchases.
  •   Free unlimited web site URL rotator.
  •   View PTC ads for credits and commissions.
  •   Win Multiple Prizes as you manual surf.
  •   Instant Purchase delivery via PayPal Crypto coming soon.
  •   Manual Surf when ever you want with no login surfing.
  •   Participate in regular in-house contests for great prizes.
  •   And a lot more...

Give A Boost To Your Online Marketing Results
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Welcome To Our Traffic Exchange Sign Up Today For Some Free Credits To Advertise Your Business Or Website. We are In Pre-Launch right now and with that we have a lot of great rewards to be won in the referral contest we have running currently.

sign up today, add your websites and view other peoples. we have a paid to click section as well and you can earn up to 0.01c a click. build massive downlines in over 40+ external programs with intergrated downline builder splash pages. earn up to 75% commissions. progressive surf bonus, surf rewards Co-op That earns you credits for sharing same with our splash pages. we offer quite a lot so sign up now and share the web or promote your business, offer or brand etc...

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Try Our Coop

Drive high quality traffic to your sites. Our Coop lets you earn credits 1.5 credits per unique view. if you upgrade the coop will also show your site in other TE's and advertising services. View The Coop

Promotional Tools

We have high quality promotional banners, pre written text ads and splash pages for members to use. We also help members create down line's in external programs with our down line builder.


Every Funneled Affiliate member has the ability to earn real commissions on any account upgrade or traffic advertising credit packages that are purchased by any of their direct referrals.

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